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Bio Mondo proposes itself at international level as a privileged interlocutor between the agricultural world and the processing industry in the field of high quality raw materials with a particular attention to Stevia and its derivatives.

During the last few years Bio Mondo has established direct and indirect collaborative relationships with the main Italian agricultural production realities with organic or conventional cultivations, this allows our company to provide its customers with a product of the highest quality that fully reflects the production and delivery specifications to the agro-food sector.

Bio Mondo is able to provide different qualities of Stevia at organoleptic level and Stevioglycosides content according to the final use, such as: Food, Pharmaceutical, Herbal, Cosmetic, Extractive. No less important is Stevia for Animal Feed, Pet and Income.

Stevia is available in various formats, such as: Whole Leaf, Herbal Tea Cut, Fine Ground and Micronized, with the use of cryogenic micronizers in order to preserve all the functional organoleptic properties.

Our controlled and guaranteed supply chain allows us to ensure the best quality for all our products, from the best raw materials to packaged products.

We believe in a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle. We appeal to people who, like us, want to feed and nourish themselves with high quality natural products and who want to take care of their health and well-being.

We have put all our strength and our love to make each of the products that are available to you today, so that you can appreciate their taste and properties.

Bio Mondo respects the environment and nature, all our products are of natural origin, from cultivation without the use of chemicals.

We have chosen to offer you only the best ingredients, those grown naturally and processed by artisan methods to ensure only the best quality.

Our sensitivity towards safeguarding the entire ecosystem has led us to choose to offer vegan foods that guarantee the consumer precise ethical and environmental characteristics.

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