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Cosmetics and oral hygiene

Cosmetics and oral hygiene: we offer the most suitable solution to individual dermocosmetic problems.
Hygiene and care must be carried out with products that do not cause allergic manifestations and are compatible with the skin.

Steviagreen Organic Powder 25g

Steviagreen Green Organic powder for cosmetic use

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SteviaDent toothpaste

Concentrated mint and sage toothpaste with Stevia extract

Euro 6.85Euro 7.60 View
SteviaDent Junior Toothpaste

Strawberry-flavoured concentrated children's toothpaste with Stevia extract

Euro 7.60 View
Mouthwash with Stevia and Iris

Mouthwash with Stevia leaves and Iris root.

Euro 13.90Euro 15.90 View
Ecological wood toothbrushes

Bamboo sweeper in natural ecological colour

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Facial Cleansing Milk with Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Rinse Cleansing Milk - 250 ml pack.

Euro 17.90 View
Micellar solution with Hamamelis 250ml

Face - eyes with witch hazel, 250 ml package.

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Ginseng eye contour

Ginseng eye contour against skin aging.

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ORYZA face cream for sensitive skin with rice oil

ORYZA face cream for sensitive skin with rice oil - Airless dispenser 50 ml.

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VITIS face cream with rustic extract

VITIS face cream with rustic extract for cuperosic skin.

Euro 36.50 View
SALIX facial cream for impure skin and/or acne with...

Face cream with moisturizing and lifting action and rapid absorption.

Euro 36.50 View
Face cream with turmeric for mature skin with oily or...

Face cream with high concentration of polyphenols with high andioxidant activity.

Euro 38.00 View
G CELL face cream for mature skin with dry tendency

G CELL face cream for mature skin with dry tendency, against skin aging.

Euro 38.00 View
Camellia shampoo for oily hair

Camellia shampoo for oily hair; indicated in the treatment of sebum-skin balance.

Euro 18.00 View
Propolis hair shampoo with dandruff

Propolis shampoo for hair with dandruff; stimulates the decrease in cell production and promotes the elimination of flakes.

Euro 18.00 View
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