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HempStevia Organic Digestive Herbal Tea with Hemp and medicinal plants

Digestive herbal tea in resealable bag of 30g with 15 filters 

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 Gluten Free Does not contain gluten
 NO GMOs NO GMOs from sustainable cultivation
 VEGAN Vegan Food


 Fennel seeds Fennel seeds promote digestion and relieve abdominal discomfort. In fact they are indicated, especially in the form of herbal tea, to help combat swelling, aerophagy, intestinal gas formation and cramps.
 Liquorice Liquorice is digestive, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and protective of the gastric mucosa.
 HEMP Hemp plant from sustainable agriculture
 Leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana Stevia Rebaudiana from organic farming.



INGREDIENTS: *Fennel seeds 20%, *Lemon peel 15%, *Liquorice root 15%, *Melissa leaves 20%, *Sweet mint leaves 15%, *Hemp seed 10%, *Stevia Rebaudiana 5%.


Fennel is used in digestive disorders, such as slow digestion and gastric dyspepsia, especially when accompanied by bloating, belching and flatulence; it can also be used to alleviate abdominal pain of digestive origin (gas colic, such as those of the newborn). It is also useful the fluidifying effect of fennel on catarrhal secretions, and also known as an aromatizer. The calming properties of the plant, favor the elimination of intestinal gas and help digestion, helping to alleviate a sense of abdominal swelling

  • Licorice can help to improve disorders of the gastrointestinal system, including aerophagia, slow digestion, constipation, gastritis and gastro-duodenal ulcers.
  • Lemon balm leaf, rich in essential oil gives the plant a pleasant aroma and it is used in states of anxiety with somatizations of the gastroenteric system.
  • Mint is refreshing and helps in digestion, if chewed it helps to prevent and fight halitosis. Menthol contained in Mint has properties that stimulate gastric activity favoring digestion.
  • Hemp sativa contains CBD oil is a medicinal herb suitable for relieving inflammation and pain, ideal for states of anxiety and stress, then all sleep disorders. 

Scientific researches Hemp

  • Stevia Rebaudiana



Stevia properties 


Fennel Bibbliography 

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