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Herbal teas and plants BIO

Invigorating herbal tea with stevia leaves Bio 100g

Tonifying herbal tea with Stevia BIO leaves, pack of 100 g.

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Herbal tea-sweetened-with-stevia-in-leaf-biological Toning contains medicinal herbs


 100% organic farming 100% organic, from selected plantations
 NO GMOs NO GMOs from sustainable cultivation
 VEGAN Vegan Food
 Wellness Metabolism Wellness


 Cloves Cloves contain flavonoids, tannins, triterpenes and volatile compounds including eugenol, a component with analgesic power of this spice.
 Fennel seeds Fennel seeds promote digestion and relieve abdominal discomfort. In fact they are indicated, especially in the form of herbal tea, to help combat swelling, aerophagy, intestinal gas formation and cramps.
 Cinnamon Cinnamon is useful for sore throats and colds in general: it can stimulate the immune system.
 Leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana Stevia Rebaudiana from organic farming.

The new line of herbal teas with Stevia is an exclusive and "sweet" selection that allows you to enjoy the highest quality with the guarantee and certification of Organic.
We have chosen the best spices and fruit in large pieces, so as to maintain unchanged the characteristics of taste and aroma that each valuable ingredient brings with it.
A refined and exclusive pleasure in search of well-being.

Stevia is a herbaceous plant native to South America, and more precisely to Paraguay and Brazil, and the people of the area have been using it for thousands of years for the sweetening power of its leaves but also for its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to reduce stomach acidity and prevents the increase in blood pressure, it also contains mineral salts such as iron and manganese and flavonoidi, which counteract the action of free radicals (which are responsible for aging) and since it does not contain sugar it cannot cause tooth decay and other tooth problems.
It does not raise the glycemic index, it can also be taken by people who soffrono have diabetes or need to keep their blood sugar levels under control.
Here is the big surprise: Stevia is a natural anti-inflammatory!

Invigorating herbal tea .
A stimulating and refreshing herbal tea, a unique blend of herbs, spices and the precious Pu Erh, a specially fermented Chinese tea. The herbal tea against fatigue takes advantage of the benefits of mate combined with those of rosemary, rose hips and fennel seeds, helping to deflate the belly: each of these plants is known for its invigorating virtues and the combined action of the same increases its effectiveness.

Rosemary, nettle leaves, rosehip peel, rooibos, lavender flowers, pieces of ginger, Pu Erh tea (5% fermented tea), mate, fennel seeds, licorice root, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom pods, cloves, Stevia leaves.
Infusion: 5-7 min.
Origin EU

Euro 16.00
Not Available
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