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Food from sustainable agriculture and BIO

Fusilli with turmeric with ancient Veneto grains " La Fattoria di Sara e Giulia" high digestibility

Fusilli produced exclusively with Ancient Grain Flour grown in Veneto, handmade.

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 100% organic farming 100% organic, from selected plantations


 Curcuma Turmeric is a concentrate of polyphenols with high antioxidant activity.
 Hard wheat flour produced in Veneto Durum wheat flour , artisan and organic production

Fusilli di Grani Antichi produced exclusively with flour of Ancient Grains grown in the Veneto region following the production rules of "La Fattotia di Sara e Giulia".
Semi-integral flour Stone milled
Use only cold spring water

  •  Long drying (36 hours) at low temperature (32°C)
  • Cooks in just 6 minutes
  • Rich in Fibres and Trace Elements
  • Low Gluten Index
  • High digestibility

Ingredients: Type 2 soft wheat flour, durum wheat flour, turmeric.

  • Energy 1428kJ/ 337 kca
  • Fats 2.33g
  • of which saturated fatty acids 0,4g
  • Carbohydrates 64,57g
  • of which sugars 2.78g
  • Fibers 4, 55g
  • Protein 12,24g
  • Salt 0,005g

Available formats: 500g packs
Expiry date: 1 year
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Euro 3.80
Not Available
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