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Blueberry Juice

Delicious wild blueberry juice, with no added sugar and sweetened only with pure Stevia extract.

Euro 3.50
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 VEGAN Vegan Food
 Wellness Metabolism Wellness
 NO GMOs NO GMOs from sustainable cultivation
 Sugar Free Sugar-free: zero glycemic index


 Cranberry Wild Blueberry has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
 Extract of Stevia Stevia extract is a natural sweetener with no added sugar.

Wild Blueberry Juice, tasty and refreshing, is ideal for breakfast and for every moment of the day. Sweetened only with Stevia extract, it naturally contains fruit sugars.

Nutritional Information:
Ingredients: Black Blueberries* 65%, Water; Sweetener: Steviol glycosides 0.01% (Stevia Extract: Reb A 98%) *From agriculture without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Net weight: 200 ml
Package: 1 Bottle

Euro 3.50
Not Available
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